Public Missiles, Ltd. is a Michigan-based mid to high powered hobby model rocket manufacturer. 

The owner’s website redesign goals were: use page layout to highlight large inventory, showcase visual appeal of rockets, to sell more rockets and parts by simplifying user flow. 

I spent two weeks figuring out: who PML’s customers are, what types of customers the owner wanted to better understand and market to, what his customers do, feel, think, and want, then worked on design iterations with a UI designer.

The result was a new site withnavigation that is much more intuitive, a user flow for kits and parts that prioritizes the visual nature of the products, a layout that mimics the ways customers search and purchase rockets online with easy to find “call to action” buttons, and the use of hierarchical text, reduced content, and more whitespace to prevent information overload.

This was pro-bono work and the research and wireframes were presented to the client as design suggestions.

Please click the slideshow above to learn more about my UX process for this project.